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You’ve likely heard about [INSERT MOST RECENT CELEBRITY NAME HERE] and their latest social media fiasco. The things we say have as much (or even more) power than ever before because even everyday people have the ability to reach millions of their fellow men and women (not to mention more than a few online trolls) in moments.

Interconnectedness is At An All-Time High

Never before have we been so in-touch, and, as a result, it can often seem like we’ve never been less in agreement. Except there’s one thing we can all agree upon: image is still everything.

As a result of our current social phenomenon, our current global “connectedness”, we’ve stumbled upon the trappings that come about from being able to speak our mind at the rattle of a keyboard and the click of a mouse.

Master Your Online Reputation and Your Personal Brand Message

The fact remains that all it takes for any one of us is one off-color comment, one shoot-from-the-hip statement to end a career for which we might have worked our entire lives.

For better or for worse, we all have to watch what we say and how we say it, especially when we’re on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. More importantly, we all need to take a little more ownership over the way we come across to others.

Why do we all need to be careful about what we post on social media platforms? Because this stuff lasts forever.

As a student in PR at NYU, Janet Pribanic remains fascinated yet frustrated by both mainstream celebrities’ and everyday folks’ lack of ability to carefully craft a positive image on social media. As jobs and high stakes roles get more and more competitive, you can bet your bottom dollar employers and industry gatekeepers will use social media as a tool to learn a lot about potential cohorts.

Some Common Social Media Mistakes Include:

    • Insensitive Remarks
    • Miscommunication
    • Image is Less Than Consistent
    • Lack of Diversity in Content
    • Not Giving Back or Donating Time to Worthy Causes
    • Mismanaging Social Media Crisis
    • Failing to Address or Improve Negative Feedback
    • Ignoring an Issue
    • Being Less Than Genuine
    • Lack of Audience Engagement
    • Not Knowing How to Issue a Proper Apology When Necessary

Let’s get out of the negative for a moment. Social media is an excellent way (when executed correctly) to craft and build an image. It’s a great way to boost visibility and a possible way to build revenue.

Janet Pribanic Aims to Master Online Reputation Management

Social media remains an excellent way to build your brand, whether you’re a business or an individual. But it’s a wide path — actually, the social media landscape can, at times, be a minefield.

As a result, through this site Janet Pribanic aims to spread information on public relations as well as provide a space where people can craft and master their message. In the end, it’s all an attempt to help those who are less than knowledgeable in the field and less than effective at social media.