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Janet Pribanic remains at the service of those who wish to get ahead and grasp the finer things in life. To gain such exclusive access to influencers and events one needs to have a peerless reputation and a virtually spotless social media presence.

As a New York City-based twenty-something Public Relations student at New York University, Janet is currently working towards her Degree in PR. Looking into the future, she realizes that wanting a career in the PR industry generally entails skillful delivery of products — even when given less than an ample amount of time.

But what happens when a person needs help delivering their most important product: themselves?

In this day and age, social media is used to connect, to communicate, to spread information, to reveal the latest trends, and more. That’s why it’s important that a person’s social media accounts are working to help their career along instead of hurt it.

An incendiary persona on social media can affect a person’s ability to get their foot in the door for a job, but it can also hurt a person down the road if they ever get exposed for things they’ve done online in the past, whether it be an off-color or insensitive statement, posted a politically-divisive article, or even engaged in what some might consider to be flagrant trolling. Maybe a person said something in the past that isn’t congruent with their current employer’s company ethos — stranger things have certainly happened.

Based in New York, Janet Pribanic knows that the world’s greatest city can be both considerate and welcoming or brutal and closed-off to artists. Still, working hard to “make it” will surely reap rewards, but your work isn’t the end all be all. From photographers to musical artists to makeup artists: please be aware that all makers from all corners of the world are in NYC and striving to thrive. Many of them are excellent at delivering themselves and their product in the most approachable and inclusive way, both in real life and on social media.

Just like NYC can be a launching pad for a wonderful career, so can a strong social media presence.

Sports, literature, entertainment, music, fashion, tech, food, and travel — these are all topics we like to speak on and they’re all topics we can say the wrong thing about and cause a social media firestorm.

Janet Pribanic aims to work with people who carry the same vision as she does. As a lover of fast-paced, exciting environments, she is no stranger to covering everything that is high profile, from fashion to the US Open.

Choosing to live and stay in New York has given her a unique opportunity to develop her skills in an arts and commerce mecca, honing her craft in communication and giving her a place to explore her passion pursuits. Not only is the big apple the place to be when it comes to business, sports, entertainment, food, travel, and technology, New York also continues to be a haven and patron of the arts, a champion of literature, film, painting, photography, music, drama, and so much more.

When she’s not carefully crafting her own brand, Janet Pribanic avidly binge watches NYC-based shows like the Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. She’s also an avid fashion follower and tennis enthusiast.