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Janet Pribanic Public Relations – Social Media Done Right

It’s a sad fact that we’re often talking about celebrities and public figures who are mismanaging their social media accounts. Most of the news about the President of the United States has to do with his Twitter account, for instance.

We’re always hearing about celebrities, politicians, and public figures being awful at crafting and managing their image on social media. We never hear about the people who are doing a fantastic job at keeping a good social media online presence.

Instead of fully focusing on the negatives, Janet Pribanic uses peerless examples of great social media management as inspiration. She herself has spent her life and early adulthood making sure that all of the content she offers on social media is geared towards helping her career in public relations rather than hurt it.

Celebrities Killing it On Insta

Beyonce is obviously a force to be reckoned with both when it comes to her stage presence as well as her social media presence. Bey happens to be the fifth most followed person on Instagram. She also holds two of the top spots for most-liked photos ever on the same social media app (her twins announcement in February of 2017 — 11 million likes; Sir and Rumi Carter’s arrival in July of 2017 — 10 million likes).

Ariana Grande holds down the number two spot for most followed person on Insta. In recent memory, her impact has gone far beyond Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. After a terrorist attack at one of Grande’s concerts at the Manchester Arena, the Nickelodeon alum took to Twitter to communicate with her fans directly. It was among the most retweeted in history (1 million+ retweets; 2.6 million+ likes).

Who’s Killing it on Twitter

First, let’s look to the funny. Ryan Reynolds is often noted for making hilarious observations from everything about fatherhood to LA’s gluten phobia.

Ellen Degeneres, Jim Gaffigan, and Anna Kendrick are becoming more well-known via their observations than their creative work.

In times like these more than ever, if you have a comedic bent you can play on, best believe it’s good to be light hearted on social media. Once you get into politics, your statements will always create a divide. For some, it’s certainly worth going out on a limb. For a few, making a political statement can certainly benefit a career. Celebs and public figures can even use their social media presence for good.

In one occurrence. Sarah Silverman was being trolled by someone on Twitter, who used foul language to attack her. Instead of reacting, Silverman responded with kindness, telling the man that she knew he was capable of good and that she wanted to make sure that he got the help he needed. It turned out the man was suffering from PTSD. What could have simply been a toxic back-and-forth should Silverman have made the choice to engage with the man’s initial statements, instead, her kindness completely turned the situation around. She even took it one step further and ended up raising money for the man to obtain mental health services.

So, it’s not all bad out there. Janet Pribanic continues to look to shining light examples of social media and online reputation management done right, whether it’s from a celebrity or public figure themself, or through a service which manages online reputations. Make sure your reputation online is helping and not hurting you.