Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Online Presence

Janet Pribanic Goes over Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Social Media

Many people out there (whether they be celebrities, public figures, or everyday folks like you and me) lament the idea of carefully crafting a positive image on social media.

Instead, many people avoid social media altogether, which some employers and gatekeepers raise an eyebrow at. If you don’t have a presence on social media, too many this equates to having something to hide.

Instead, embrace the age we live in and achieve a consistent brand online, whether you’re a business or an individual.

Read on for a few ways to take charge of your online presence in a positive way immediately.

Add Some Diversity to Your Content

Are you coming across a little one note? Crafting a clear and concise communications strategy (which usually entails identifying your personal brand) should always include a plan for providing diverse content. Quit publishing those same types of articles you’ve been posting. Switch it up while making sure that images, copy, and articles speak to your interests and your brand.

Supplement writing and words with visuals — this can mean images, videos, polls, stories, and more. Posing questions is a great way to boost engagement. Aim for reciprocal engagement between you and your followers. When you experience negative engagement, try your best not to ignore it. Address it in a tasteful, respectful, and preferably humorous way.

Give Back When You Can

Find ways to give back to your audience, whether that means giving away a little bit of your time, advice, or sharing insider information and resources available to you. You can also donate to causes on avenues like Facebook, which will make your efforts visible in a discreet way that doesn’t look like obsessive PR.

Monitor Your Name

It’s important to set up alerts so that you know what the conversation is when it comes to you and your brand. You don’t want to be an ostrich with their head in the ground, after all.

Janet Pribanic is a twenty-something Public Relations student at NYU, specializing in reputation management and crafting image and brands online. She excels in fast-paced, exciting environments, and enjoys working with individuals who carry the same vision she does. Through her blog she is able to share information about public relations and online reputation management.

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